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It is important for us to take the interests of federal ministries, nuclear regulatory authorities, nuclear industry, utilities and education and research institutions into account. For this reason we have decided to implement an advisory board that accompany, evaluate and when possible advise our activities in the field of education and training as well as conferences. We thank the following members of the advisory board for their support:

Henry Cordes
deputy Iris Graffunder

Dr. Wolfgang Eckert          
deputy Dr. Claus-Dieter Bölle

Herbert Lenz
deputy Dr. Bernhard Wiechers

Peter Gerner

Bruno Kuckartz    

Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Meiswinkel    

Dr. Hans-Christoph Pape    
deputy Dr. Thomas Nunnemann

Jürgen Fleischhacker

Prof. Dr. Bruno Thomauske    

Dr. Hannes Wimmer    

Christian Wößner    

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