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As the leading training institute in nuclear technology in Germany, we offer a tailored Inhouse-Training to meet the demand of each client. We work with a wide range of partners from the nuclear industry. An individual training can be held at the clients venue or in external meeting rooms. Together with our client we speak about the main focuses and content. Based on this, we create a draft programme, where a presentation about the involved lecturers is included. In particular, the transition when moving from an operational organization for efficient dismantling, the organization, responsibilities and activities change. In needs based trainings we can reveal critical challenges and educate employees to fulfil new tasks. Our experience shows, that employees overcome quickly in a new department of efficient work and hurdles if they are specifically trained. Demotivating initial difficulties are overcome and also promoting the teamwork. A successful training shows new opportunities to participants and it helps the company more effective to cope with future tasks.


Tailored trainings are for example offered in the following areas:

  • Decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities
  • The use of natural radioactive substances and their hazard potential
  • The production of waste packages documentation in the final disposal procedure of Konrad
  • Public Participation Process
  • Tasks related to atomic law licensing procedures


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