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We make every effort to gain the interest of the public and the technical community with engaging contributions to the general press and technical journals.

In this area, we have made our press releases, news items and publications available for you to read.

17 May 2015

For the first time ICOND will be held in the former government metropolis Bonn

11 Apr 2013

AiNT gets new partnership with GIS

AiNT and the GiS Work Together on the Implementation of Software-Solutions in Nuclear Technology
08 Apr 2013

Aus- und Fortbildung in der Kerntechnik - Kompetenzerhalt in Zeiten der Energiewende

AiNT Offers Trainings and Seminar-Modules to Qualify Employees for Work in Nuclear Technology
04 Apr 2013

Refinanzierung der Endlagersuche Teil 2

Financial Instruments for (Alternative) Site Selection and Site Exploration
19 Feb 2013

Refinanzierung der Endlagersuche Teil 1

The Challenge of Final Disposal and Previous Funding
24 Dec 2012

Tagungsbericht: Endlager-Symposium 2012 - Endlagerung in Deutschland

A Restart - Ways and Consequences of the Selection Procedure

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