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Professional activity in the complex discipline of nuclear engineering demands constant advanced training that takes up after formal studies end. For this reason, we decided to develop a training programme that not only provides instruction in elements of basic knowledge but also facilitates intensive analysis of special subject areas. Our reflections resulted in six training modules that satisfy this requirement.

The training programme by AiNT offers not only a general view of individual topic areas, but also imparts a greater depth of knowledge, e.g., on the issues of radioactive waste disposal or interrelationships in energy policy. The programme is constantly being expanded and refined in response to changes in the field, so that it is possible to address a broad range of technical subjects with internationally recognised speakers.

We are guided strongly by psychological learning principles during the design of our course modules. For example, receptiveness to and retention of the contents of the instruction modules are supported by the structures of the information and a relaxed learning atmosphere. The individual subject areas are introduced by professional, qualified and experienced presenters who have distinguished themselves through exceptional technical skills and teaching qualifications.

Additionally we offer engineer and consulting service on the highest scientific level. Especially the development of measurement technologies for the characterization of radioactive waste, the simulation of nuclear processes as well as waste management belong to our services. We support our clients in the processes for conditioning, characterization and packaging, to qualify their waste for the German final storage facility Konrad.

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