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The AiNT team supports schools with age-appropriate preparation of materials and discussion of the topic of nuclear engineering, during physics lessons for example. For this purpose, we offer a free seminar programme which has been designed in cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology Transfer of RWTH Aachen University. It is aligned to pupils in the two senior years of school.

Nuclear engineering in 4 school lessons

The programme is designed to last four school lesson periods. The first three periods deal with the elements of radioactivity, the benefits and hazards of ionizing radiation, how a nuclear reactor works and the safety facilities that surround it; the essential features of the nuclear fuel cycle and the special problems of disposing of radioactive waste are explained. Concluding the programme, the last period is intended to provide students the opportunity to ask more penetrating questions and discuss current developments and events.

Interrelationships in power generation

In the course of this programme, schoolchildren are given a comprehensive insight into the underlying scientific and technological principles and the diverse application fields of nuclear technology. Throughout this course, we take care to ensure that the provided information is not influenced by opinions or trends. The emphasis is placed firmly on teaching the physical and technical relationships and their effects. Consideration is given to the risks associated with nuclear technology and the responsibility to society implied thereby.

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